Sunday, 4 March 2012

Get ready for the year ahead

This year has already threatened to be as hard, jobs-wise, as last year. There are many people chasing the jobs there are so it's vital that your 'advertising' - CVs, covering letters, interview techniques - are polished.

At SOLIDstaff, we are trying to help you find that job. Work on the subscription emails is progressing and should be available by April. Then you will be able to be alerted by email whenever a suitable job is posted. You will be able to create two subscriptions so you can choose different jobs and different reminder periods. Employers will also have similar subscriptions to be on the lookout for staff.

We are linking up with Green Tourism, an important business website that matches tourism with concern for our planet. We are also trialling a partnership with Working Links who work closely with recruitment and training.

Finally, an interesting looking advert for any chefs who fancy working on the beautiful South Devon Coast. A sous chef is wanted at the Cottage Hotel - London wages with a Devon lifestyle as they say. Just search for ID 2069.

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